Empowerment brings with it a heavy responsibility of fulfilling and accomplishing our corporate missions and as such, we are fully committed to leading the way from the beginning until we have achieved all the plans that we have set out to do.

Practising the highest levels of professionalism, honesty and fairness with all our stakeholders and constantly displaying our attitudes of timeliness, attention to details and service conscientiousness.

Our clients or stakeholders are the lifeblood of our existence and therefore, we pledge to work hard to constantly provide value and benefits to them so that we are able to sustain our income and subsequently perform our corporate social responsibilities.

We pledge to treat and respect every human being as a unique individual with different talents, characteristics and preferences with different needs, wants and aspirations.

We recognize that there are some unfortunate people, some unfortunate situations and some unfortunate events that occur at some time or another in our lives. It is MBI Kedah’s primary responsibility to be spontaneous in our willingness to assist those who are afflicted with any unfortunate situations in their lives with full impartiality.

  • Natural resources – crude oil, natural gas, tin, timber, palm oil, rubber.
  • GDP growth of 4.2% (2016)
  • Gross national savings – 29% of GNI
  • Per capita income – RM37,758 (USD9,102)
  • Unemployment rate – 3.4% (p)
  • Inflation(CPI) – 2.1% (p)
  • Pro-business policies
  • Responsive government
  • Liberal investment policies
  • Attractive tax and other incentives
  • Liberal exchange control regime
  • Intellectual property protection
  • A talented, young, educated and productive workforce
  • Multilingual workforce speaking two or three languages, including English
  • Comprehensive system of vocational and industrial training, including advanced skills training
  • Harmonious industrial relations with minimal trade disputes
  • A network of well-maintained highways and railways
  • Well-equipped seaports and airports
  • High-quality telecommunications network and services
  • Fully developed industrial parks, including free industrial zones, technology
  • parks and Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC)
  • Advanced MSC Malaysia Cyber cities and Cyber centers
  • Market-oriented economy
  • Well-developed financial and banking sector, including the Labuan
  • International Business and Financial Centre
  • The wide use of English, especially in business, legal and accounting practices based on the British system
  • Large local business community with a long history in international business links
  • Large foreign business community in all business sectors
  • Extensive trade links – the country’s total trade was valued at RM1.485 trillion in 2016