MBI Kedah will ensure that companies who adopt our integrated telecommunication consultancy, software, or hardware services can attain a competitive edge in their overall operations. We offer you the whole spectrum of telecommunication applications that bring out the best in your organizational productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. Furthermore, our technical support will always be there 365/24/7 should you require to overcome any drawbacks.

MBI Kedah is also desirous in welcoming strong project proposals from reputable telecommunication players who are interested in investing in the industry which can ultimately create a competitive but healthy market improve the quality of services and most importantly, will drive down the cost of services to the consumers.

MBI Kedah believes that one of the ways that Kedah can help it sustain it’s community outreach programs is through telecommunication towers which we install at various locations in the state. Mobile operators then rent these towers from us on long-term rates and the proceeds help us to defray the costs of many Corporate Social Responsibility programs that we undertake annually.